Property Values and Road Expansion

Development in many areas means more people paying taxes, and that is one reason smaller communities allow it. For those who suddenly find a development project has gone through, life can become a nightmare. Their house may suddenly be nearer to a road due to widening, and they are upset. Property values and road expansion are often seen as opposites, and it can create concern for homeowners on the front lines as they watch road crews make a small and pleasant byway into a major road.

Expansion can be important to keep property values at the same level or raise them, but not all residents see it that way. They might have moved into an area because they prefer the quiet of the country, and road expansion negates that. What they now see is their peaceful home about to be sitting on the side of a main thoroughfare. More traffic equals more noise and pollution in their minds, and they are often convinced their property value will suffer.

There are people eager to live on a wide road with plenty of traffic, and they see it as easy access to local amenities and work. Their commute might be longer, but they believe they can shortcut part of it when a road expansion becomes reality. They might find the value of their property has been raised due to easier access, but it helps little if peace and quiet were what they originally sought when purchasing.

The easiest solution would be to sell the house on the expanded road and move, but not everyone is willing to give up their home. Communities often work hard to satisfy their residents, but the need to expand their tax base with development might overwhelm even the most vociferous homeowners. They may protest, but the need to keep the tax coffers filled could make their home less private and more accessible due to road development.